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THE FUTURE OF POWER IS NOW! Venom proudly introduces a revolutionary new UAS battery and charging system. Designed and built in the USA, these systems are packed with innovative features. Watch our video for more information.

We Deliver Solutions to Your Power Needs

Our long history in the rechargeable power industry gives us a competitive advantage. VPW has the skill and experience necessary to provide you with the highest quality battery and charging products available anywhere.
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VPW’s marquee Venom brand is the #1 selling rechargeable battery brand for radio control models in North America. With over 250 unique models engineered specifically for RC applications and a long-standing reputation for providing quality, Venom products can be found in more than 1,500 hobby shops in 45 countries worldwide. Venom’s Limited Lifetime Replacement Plan was the industries first, and still sets the gold standard for service after the sale.

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Our Drone Pro line of batteries are engineered for the demanding requirements of today’s power hungry UAV applications. We only use the highest quality matched grade “A” lithium cells produced under stringent quality control standards for the perfect turnkey power solution. Our Drone Pro line is the perfect combination of energy density and durability assuring maximum life cycle and uptime for your commercial operation. Look to us to consult, specify and manage battery and charger systems for aerial surveillance, cinematography and agriculture UAV fleets.

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Design / Build & OEM

Vertical Partners West, LLC has built a robust infrastructure allowing for quick development of battery and charging solutions of any size, scope, and chemistry. With employees located in both the US and China we work virtually 24/7 to speed products to market. VPW has a successful 15-year history of providing design/build services for a wide variety of commercial customers across diverse market segments.

Customer Testimonials
As an action sports cinematographer I have to be ready for anything. We rarely get a second chance to catch that perfect shot, so I have to count on my equipment to be rock solid and reliable. Venom batteries and chargers have always provided the power and consistency we count on in the field.
Todd Moen Catch Magazine
Customer Testimonials
After an extensive due diligence we decided to work with Venom Power, time has proven to be the right decision. For starters we can ship our batteries using ground transportation, being Venom is a US based company. Their superb build quality of their professional products is the best we have seen and experienced. And most important to us is their excellent support, quick, diligent and predictable, just as we need. We will most definitely continue trusting Venom Power to supply our power needs.
Todd Golly COO/Founder Aker - Agricultural UAV Service Provider
Customer Testimonials
As a licensed commercial UAS firm, we rely on Venom batteries to power our systems so we can provide flight services and train our students. These batteries have proven themselves in extreme temperatures and under demanding conditions, and the well-balanced cells consistently perform. All of our Venom products provide consistent results that we have come to rely on, and in most cases, have outperformed the competition. We trust the Venom team for our power requirements because the batteries are well-constructed, they work better than expected, and the staff provides unparalleled customer service.
Avion Unmanned