OEM Battery Design
& Manufacturing

Our long history with custom battery designs and charging systems makes us an ideal partner for OEM Battery requirements. We are US based supplier with mass manufacturing facilities in Asia. We work closely with your design team to ensure we deliver just the right battery solution designed to fit your application.

We have access to advanced chemistries, sophisticated Battery Charging and Management Systems and excel in complex assemblies. Let VPW be your premium battery provider.

Custom Batteries

Lithium-ion Designs

Our Lithium Ion Batteries are ideal for hand-held applications where high energy density and low weight are the critical design parameters.

Our Capabilities

OEM Batteries

Lithium Iron Phosphate

The safest of Lithium battery technologies.  It is nontoxic and is generally lower cost and available in higher power batteries up to hundreds of aH.  LiFe is an excellent alternative to older Sealed Lead Acid batteries.

Our Capabilities

OEM Batteries

Nickel Metal Hydride

Low cost and durable with less complex charging requirements. These batteruies typically ofer wider temperature ranges and can easily reach 1000 to 2000 cycles (max of 80% depth of discharge).

NIMH Capabilities
Lithium ion batteries

Lithium ion batteries

We design and manufacture a wide range of custom | OEM Lithium Ion Batteries
Custom NIMH Batteries

Custom NIMH Batteries

We design and manufacture a wide range of custom | OEM NIMH Batteries
Battery Management

Battery Management

Manage, monitor and track battery data for optimal lifetime performance
Smart Batteries

Smart Batteries

8MB EEPROM integrated Battery Management System with I2C / CANbus

Custom Battery Design & Manufacture

Sometimes, an off the shelf unit just doesn’t meet your project's requirements. Vertical Partners West can work with you to develop a charging solution that meets your exact specifications including features, price and delivery schedule. Whether it is a modification of one of our many existing charger designs or a clean sheet approach our experienced staff can work with you to provide the solution you seek. With over 15 years experience providing battery chargers to match a wide variety of chemistries and applications, we have the design and field experience to make your project a success,

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Vertical Partners West

VPW designs and manufactures
batteries for OEM applications

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