Complete Battery Builds & Charging Systems

Our long history with custom battery designs and charging systems makes us an ideal partner for OEM Battery requirements. We are a U.S. based supplier with mass manufacturing facilities in Asia. We work closely with your design team to ensure we deliver just the right battery solution designed to fit your application.

We have access to advanced chemistries, sophisticated Battery Charging and Management Systems and excel in complex assemblies. Let VPW be your premium battery provider.

Venom Drone Batteries Category

Drone Batteries

VPW’s Drone Professional and Commercial Series BMS LiPo batteries are used in applications where power, reliability and safety is mission critical. We carry a variety of off-the-shelf products and can also deliver a full custom battery for your next Drone/UAV project. Let our team of experts design, develop and manage your project, allowing you access to our highly vetted supply chain without the steep learning curve of battery development and overseas manufacturing.

Industrial Batteries category

Industrial Batteries

Industrial applications often require ruggedized batteries, which can be staged in remote locations and subjected to temperature extremes. VPW specializes in the development of custom battery solutions for a wide variety of markets, from security, energy storage, consumer electronics, electric mobility devices and others. We carry a variety of off-the-shelf products to deliver reliable power to devices like utility meters, remote sensors, GPS tracking devices, etc. VPW can also produce a full custom battery for your next project.

Venom Chargers Category

Battery Chargers

VPW carries a variety of off-the-shelf chargers, which support a wide range of battery chemistries, capacities and voltages. Under the Venom brand, VPW is know as an innovator in this space with revolutionary products like the Venom Commercial Series BCMS (Battery Charging & Management System). Let us tailor a system to your operation or work with our team to develop a solution to your exact specifications.

Drone Batteries
Industrial Batteries
Battery Chargers
Vertical Partners West Provides

We Provide

• Design and assembly for the most popular battery chemistries

• Assemblies in the U.S.A. and Asia

• UN, UL, IC, CE, FCC and IEC testing and certifications

• 24/7 project support with offices in the U.S.A. and China

• State-of-the-art 28,000 square foot corporate offices and warehouse facility

Vertical Partners West is your trusted battery and charging solution. Our focus is your success! We do this by providing our employees with the tools and work environment necessary to promote a culture of integrity, innovative thinking, exceptional customer service, and immense brand loyalty. We support your mission critical operations by providing only the highest quality products and services, all backed by our USA based customer service department. Click here if you would like to Request a quote or contact us today and to get in touch with a representative.

A Few of Many Industries We Serve

Medical Batteries


Medical Batteries

Military / UAV

Medical Batteries

Law Enforcement

Fire Department Batteries and Chargers

Public Safety

University Battery Research


Solar Power Storage

Solar Power / Storage

Inspection Batteries and Chargers


GPS and Asset Tracking

GPS / Asset Tracking

Vertical Partners West Building

Why Choose VPW?

From our humble beginnings over 15 years ago, the Venom brand has become the #1 selling rechargeable battery brand for R/C models in North America. We are experts in portable power, offering over 250 unique products engineered for high performance applications. Our long-standing reputation for providing quality is demonstrated by the fact that Venom products can be found in more than 1,500 retail locations in 45 countries worldwide.

Our team is made up of passionate men and women uniquely qualified to provide battery and charger support for the Professional UAV, Hobby RC, and Industrial OEM markets. Many of our team members are experienced with Manned aircraft, Commercial Drones, Energy Storage, Consumer electronics, Radio Controlled Vehicles and many other Industrial Applications.

We strive to provide only the highest quality products and services that truly bring value to our customers. For over 15 years we have built our company one customer at a time, treating each one like we would like to be treated. The results speak for themselves, we support your mission critical operations by providing the highest quality products and services, all backed by our dedicated USA based customer service department. We only win if you do.