Drone Professional BatteriesDrone Professional Batteries are ideal for those who are serious about flying multirotor, fixed-wing, and UAV crafts. With a 15C discharge rate, they pack a lot of power into a little box. Sold by Vertical Partners West, LLC and manufactured by Venom Power, this is the highest quality and the most reliable battery for UAV applications.

Regardless of whether you’re flying for commercial purposes or for your personal enjoyment, protecting your equipment is absolutely essential. Why invest in a great camera if it could fall out of the sky due to a faulty battery? Your battery is as important as your craft and camera.

A long-lasting, reliable battery like a Venom Drone Professional Battery can fly you to new heights and provide longer flight times than other batteries would allow. Shop with Vertical Partners West for custom drone batteries that will take your flight to the next level.

How Are Drone Professional Batteries Different from Other Batteries?

Drone Professional Batteries are LiPo (Lithium-ion polymer) batteries. LiPo batteries are the industry standard for drones, UAVs, multirotor craft, and many other applications. They are ideal for these uses because they are ultra-lightweight and have a long-lasting charge. They are rechargeable, so they can be used many times without being replaced.

LiPo is different from simple lithium-ion batteries in that the energy conductor is in a gel-like form (polymer) versus the liquid form of other lithium-ion batteries. This enables a focusing of the charge, an extremely lightweight design, and the potential for them to be shaped in a wider variety of molds.

With so much power in such a small package, LiPo is the obvious choice for UAV applications. They’re even used for small manned gliders.

Basics of LiPo batteries:

• Energy is stored in polymer rather than liquid (as in lithium-ion batteries)

• Extremely lightweight

• Polymer enables custom builders like Vertical Partners West to modify the shape and level of charge in each battery

• Charges can be easily monitored with specialized tools (VPW’s Drone Professional Batteries come with free charge monitors)

The alternative to the LiPo battery is the LiHV battery. The LiHV battery provides an initial boost that can be stronger than that of the LiPo. However, the LiPo battery can provide a longer-lasting, more predictable flight time. LiHV emphasizes voltage, while LiPo emphasizes discharge.

Venom Drone Professional Batteries Specs

Venom Power batteries are the go-to battery of choice for those who are flying expensive and industry-specific equipment. Professionals know they can’t risk their equipment or reputation on subpar or untested power sources. Venom provides the assurance and quality you need to fly confidently.

Whether you’re flying multirotor, long-range fixed-wing, or UAV, there is a Drone Professional Battery for you. With a variety of plug specifications available, you can find what you need with the help of Vertical Partners West.

Virtues of Drone Professional Batteries:

• 22000mAh 6S 22.2V 15C LiPo battery

• XT150/AS150 plugs

• DJI XT150/AS150 plug connectors

• Removable balance wire

Included With All Venom Drone Professional Batteries:

• Heavy-duty, lockable, travel-ready composite case complete with a pressure equalization valve

• Three high-quality battery straps

• LiPo monitor allowing for up-to-the-minute cell voltage readings

Special Benefits of Venom batteries:

• 10 years of experience with lithium-ion batteries

• Each product is individually tested before leaving the manufacturing plant

• Limited Lifetime Warranty covers manufacturing defects

Why Source From Vertical Partners West?

Vertical Partners West, LLC has a 15-year track record of top-quality service. Their U.S.-based customer support team will be happy to help you design or improve your drones.

Committed to your success from start to finish, VPW will support your product selection, installation, and product performance. They can help you troubleshoot any issues you might have and recommend solutions to improve the performance of your craft.

Benefits of Working With Vertical Partners West

Vertical Partners West, LLC is a unique and top-rated battery builder. They can help you turn your dream into a reality by building custom drone batteries or configuring battery packs. Many UAV applications have prebuilt battery packs by Venom available. If you need something more personalized, VPW can help you create a custom battery and charging solutions for your drone or other power needs.

Sending your designs overseas can feel risky, especially with the current intellectual property and trade woes between the US and China. With over 15 years of experience in the Asian markets, Vertical Partners West takes the security of your designs and specifications very seriously. They know how to keep your information and designs safe while building the ideal battery for your needs.

With the combination of professional-grade products like Venom batteries and the excellence of US-based customer service via Vertical Partners West, you can rest easy knowing that you’re working with top-quality manufacturer-backed equipment. VPW stands by its products and therefore, you can stand by your equipment.

Your drone equipment is either your source of fun or your source of income. Both should be protected. Get the most out of your equipment with Venom Drone Professional Batteries, sold by Vertical Partners West.

To get started on a custom drone battery or learn more, contact Vertical Partners West, LLC today.