Coming This Fall: The PRISLogic Series of Modules from electroVolt

VPW is excited to introduce the PRISLogic Series coming Fall 2020. This new series of scalable lithium-ion based battery modules built on prismatic cell technology is a game-changer. Designed, assembled, and tested in the USA the PRISLogic offers high-quality lithium power with an intelligent, programmable battery management system (BMS).  Think of these modules as the “building blocks” for your next power management project. These robust lithium battery modules are perfect for use in electric energy storage and mobility systems. Multiple modules can be configured together in series or parallel to increase voltage or capacity as needed (12v, 24v, 48v, etc.). Our flexibility of cell options and chemistries allows VPW to partner with clients on nearly any type of commercial, industrial, and OEM project.

Current custom projects include; automotive conversions from gasoline/petrol to EV, mission-critical power for both UAV and manned aircraft, military-based safety and rescue, material handling/robotics, grid storage, and much more!

*More information and datasheets for the PRISLogic Series will be available upon the release of the product this Fall.

Example: The electroVolt PRISLogic 4S1P 120 Ah 12.8v LFP intelligent module

For more information on the PRISLogic module please contact our sales department or fill out an RFP form located below:     |     800.705.4630     |     Project Request Form