Venom Commercial Series BMS Batteries

• Advanced Battery Management System with 8MB EEPROM Data Storage

• Intelligent Safety Features including Battery Lockout Protection

• Accurate State of Charge Monitoring and Reporting

With the new Commercial Series line of batteries, Venom is proud to bring you the most advanced battery management system available. Features including real-time fault detection and battery lockout protocol aid in bringing transparency to battery health while also providing actionable feedback to extend battery life and increase safety. Ruggedized to withstand the rigors of use in unmanned platforms and designed with over a decade of experience in battery development, Venom is a name you can trust when safety and reliability matters.

Venom drone commercial 13Ah Battery
Venom BMS Lithium Redefined


The culmination of over 10-years of R&D, Venom’s innovative cell design utilizes a proprietary electrolyte and separator technology. This enables our cells to operate at higher temperatures and ensures ultra low internal resistance with cell level values consistently below 3 milliohms. With over a decade of experience developing batteries, the Venom Commercial Series lineup has some of the safest and most reliable lithium pouch based packs available today. With these improvements you can expect longer service life, thereby decreasing lifetime ownership costs and increasing your bottom line.


Venom Commercial Series Batteries include smart BMS technology with 1-touch state of charge identification, isolated I2C and CAN bus data communication ports, fault detection, over-current and short circuit protection via a built-in disconnect circuit. With communication failure, voltage, current and temperature monitoring fault detection features, potential issues are brought to light to provide actionable insights for increased safety and battery life. Access to an abundance of real-time battery metrics via the I2C and CAN bus flight controller interfacing allows for near limitless ability to control and monitor the safety aspects of each flight.

Safe and Secure Drone Batteries
Venom BCMS Application


With built-in 8MB EEPROM data logging, a wealth of battery metrics are captured and up to 14.5 hours of data can be stored. Post flight, the Venom Commercial Series BCMS (Battery Charging & Management System) application offers users detailed and actionable information from each mission, including fault warnings, to help you stay ahead of any safety related issues. Health statistics available via the app serve in allowing you to make informed decisions regarding allocation of your battery resources while lockout protocol ensures faulty batteries are not returned to use.


Pair the Venom Commercial Series batteries and Venom Commercial Series BCMS (Battery Charging & Management System) to unlock the true power of both systems as they work in harmony to simplify managing a fleet of batteries.

These two systems unlock their true potential with 1-touch charging and capture of all necessary data points required for increased battery safety, lifecycle maintenance and compliance reporting. Pulling from usage data captured and stored on 
Venom Commercial Series batteries, the Venom BCMS is able 
to produce holistic feedback on battery health, historical usage, and notify users of faults and potential failures before they happen.

Venom Commercial Smart Charger

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