OEM Charger Solutions

Do you need a charger solution for your UAS, Drone, or possibly a new industrial or OEM project? Let VPW make your process as seamless as possible. We have been bringing chargers from concept to market for almost 20 years. Bringing a charger to market seems easy at first. Soon you realize the challenges to make this happen. It may start with a design, but you will be buried with questions about software, certifications, packaging, battery protection, plug types, carton markings, charger legality warnings, and the list goes on.

Vertical Partners West has built a nimble supply chain that allows for quick development of charging solutions of any size, scope, or chemistry. With employees located in both the US and Asia, we work virtually 24/7 to speed deliver products to you.

Custom Chargers Modular
Venom Custom Chargers

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