Custom Drone Batteries

VPW has worked with countless Drone companies to design and develop battery solutions to fit very specific and mission critical requirements. We specialize in working with customers to design, develop, and deliver mission specific power solutions including extreme environmental protection, complex BMS systems, custom chemistries, and configurations. Our team has years of experience in portable power design that you can leverage to your advantage.

Safe and Secure

It’s no secret that doing business in China can be a daunting experience. We’ve been working in the Asian markets for over 15 years and have developed a highly vetted supply chain of only the highest quality suppliers. We also assure your sensitive IP projects are kept safe and secure with our multi-faceted development process. With strong partnerships worldwide we have the ability to source, produce, assemble and package in separate locations allowing a seamless, stable, and secure supply chain.

Support and Service

Working directly with VPW gives you access to our extensive network of support professionals. We are here to help you from start to finish, design to delivery and after sale support. Our goal is to make sure that your project and your customers get the attention required to be successful. We take immense pride in our US-backed Customer Service and we are confident that you will feel the difference.

Custom Drone Batteries by Venom Power

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