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Conformity to shipping regulations

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With the high energy density of some battery systems there are significant shipment issues that can arise. VPW is aware of the need to meet international shipping regulations and to comply with UN38.3 (shipment regulations for hazardous materials). With over 15 years of successfully shipping batteries, we are experienced in the difficulties that can arise and [...]

Quality Product

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Your product is monitored at our factory partners, AQL inspected and tested at our US facility to make sure that the product is correct, of highest quality and delivered on time. Our local team can quickly investigate and address any issues that arise, solving them expeditiously and favorably.

Mutually optimized solutions

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By working together we can help make the right decisions to meet your needs while keeping costs, quality and delivery a top priority. By discussing your project together, we can come up with solutions on both sides that make the system better and more successful. Product optimization is not just one sided. Sometimes a small change [...]

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