We Carry a Wide Assortment of Leads, Plugs, and Wires

Vertical Partners West carries a wide assortment of custom charge leads, battery plugs and drone wires perfect for any industrial project or drone. We can help you find the right solution for your project. These high quality parts will help your battery or charger last longer and work at maximum power.

Charge leads provide the connection between the battery and charger, and carry the power that your device needs. The quality of the charge leads impacts the speed and safety level or your charge.

Battery plugs can also be known as battery connectors, the components provide the links between the charge lead, the battery and the machine itself.

Drone wire connects all of the electrical components of a drone together. Essentially, it’s the drone’s nervous system, making sure everything such as the motors, speed controllers, battery and more works at the right time.

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Venom Charge Leads, plugs, wires