VPW LLC’s Drone Pro series of LiPo batteries are engineered for power hungry applications where light weight and small size are critical.  The popular 22,000 mAh platform (model 35000) measures only 211 x 94 x 68 mm and weighs a mere 6.1 lbs now ships with an optional Battery Management System (BMS), an 8MB EEPROM providing Data Storage and I2C / CAN Bus communications.

VPW LLC utilizes over a decade of lithium-ion battery experience combined with the best LiPo materials and technology to produce its leading series of Drone-Pro Batteries, ranging from 4,900 ~ 22,000 mAh.  The 35000 model is a 6-cell design delivering an output voltage range of 18-25.2V with a 15C (330A) max continuous discharge rate and 1C (22A) charge rate. Standard models come with XT150/AS150 connectors, a lockable case complete with a pressure equalization valve, three high quality battery straps and a LiPo monitor for up to the minute cell voltage readings. Specifications, usage instructions and safety datasheet documents are available from the vpwllc.com website. All models are backed by VPW LLC’s limited lifetime warranty.

Optional Battery Management System models (3500BMS) offer a built-in 8MB EEPROM for data capture of key battery diagnostics over the life of the battery while I2C / CAN Bus interface allows real-time control.  Capture and store KPIs including remaining capacity, state of charge, cell voltage, pack voltage, current draw, cell temperatures and faults. Five LED indicators on each Venom Commercial Series battery ensure you always know the battery’s current state of charge and will also blink to warn you of recent faults or enabled lockout protection.

Standard models (35000) are available from stock with OEM pricing of $395.99.  Models with the Battery Management System (35000BMS) are available for evaluation with standard lead times of 8-10 weeks, contact VPW LLC for pricing. Please see www.vpwllc.com for specifications, drawings and safety documentation.

VPW introduces the Venom BCMS-PRO, a next-generation Battery Charging & Management System (BCMS).  The 720 Watt / 4-Bay 6U / 19 inch rack-mount system provides one-touch charging and capture of historical battery data for actionable health statistics of your batteries.

The BCMS-PRO houses four hot-swap battery trays capable of charging at 2.5-26.1 VDC and 0.1-22 AMPS (not to exceed 180 Watts) with an LED charging indicator.  Each battery tray is thermally conductive with internal fan and can be configured to fit practically any battery package and chemistry. Over Temp / Over Voltage / Over Current / Cell Imbalance circuits with a coupled fume / flame exhaust system that can withstand catastrophic battery failure protect your batteries and operators from unsafe conditions.

The BCMS-PRO system front panel provides front panel on/off switch, LCD Display for charging level of each tray, Charge or Discharge operation buttons and USB Connector for ????????. The rear panel provides for a 20 Amp IEC-320 Inlet for Input AC, USB-B Interface Connector to connect to BCMS Software and a fume / flame exhaust vent.  The system operates with Universal AC Input with an operating temperature range of 0 ~ +45°C operation. 

The BCMS plug-and-play software offers immense control in tailoring charging parameters and data collection to capture all possible data relating to battery health and historical usage data to satisfy advanced reporting compliance of modern battery-powered fleets.

Systems are in stock and available through VPW at a base price of $5,499 each and supported by a one year warranty. Please see www.vpwllc.com for specifications, drawings and safety documentation.

Rathdrum, ID, USA - June 11, 2018 -- the Venom Power Group is, which designs and manufactures a wide range of battery solutions, announced today the launch of its newly revamped website for it's OEM Division, VPW LLC. This newly redesigned website offers quick and easy access to essential information and features that offer a more comprehensive understanding of the company's advanced capabilities to design and develop batteries for Industrial / OEM applications.

The new website has improved functionality and enhanced rich content focused on the Company's mission to provide battery designs for OEM projects around the globe.  The site is a responsive design for optimal display on computer monitors, laptops, tablets and smart phones to allow our customer access to our information from any network location and / or device. "We are excited about our new website launch and the robust information it provides for customers to better understand our design and manufacturing capabilities" said Les Palocsay, VPW's Director of Industroal / OEM Products.  "We believe that this new site will allow our customer to have a very informative experience as we continue to grow and increase our market presence."

VPW's new website will be updated on a regular basis with news of product launches, business activity, corporate milestones and events. Visitors are encouraged to explore the website and sign up for direct emails from the Company at http://www.vpwllc.com

About VPW

Vertical Partners West / Venom Power has a successful 16-year history of providing rechargeable battery design/build services for a wide variety of commercial customers across diverse market segments. VPW has built a robust infrastructure allowing for quick development of battery and charging solutions of any size, scope, and chemistry. With employees located in both the US and China we work virtually 24/7 to speed products to market.

Through our consumer brand “Venom,” VPW has been the industry leader in both hobby grade and UAS high performance batteries. Our long history in battery development and management makes us uniquely qualified to service the growing UAV industry.


Why VPW?

VPW has a successful 16-year history sourcing, designing and manufacturing rechargeable batteries for a wide variety of commercial customers and market segments. As a leading supplier of the Venom brand of hobby and UAS high performance batteries, we are uniquely qualified to serve the OEM and UAV Industry.

VPW has built an international and robust infrastructure allowing for quick development of battery and charging solutions of any size, scope, and chemistry. With employees located in both the US and China we work virtually 24/7 to speed products to market.


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