Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Lithium iron phosphate batteries for oem applications

Lithium Iron Phosphate, or LiFe for short is one of many Lithium chemistry batteries. It has the attribute of being among the safest of the Lithium batteries, has a long life when properly treated and is cost effective.  Charging is less complex than Li-Ion or LiPo and safer.

VPW supplies many versions of LiFe batteries for applications where safety and lifetime are more important than weight and energy density. Robots, UGVs, AGVs, mobile surveillance and lighting towers, lighted signs, are just a few of the many applications.  VPW provides a variety of application optimized LiFe batteries, whether it be for low temperatures, high temperatures, high discharge rate, etc VPW can provide a solution.


LiFe has superior thermal and chemical stability and so is safer than other Lithium rechargeable batteries.  It is nontoxic where many other Lithium batteries are toxic. Generally lower cost and available in higher power batteries up to hundreds of aH.


Lower voltage and lower energy density than other chemistries and is heavier than most. Does not have an extremely high discharge rate.


LiFe has a much longer cycle life, typically in the 2000 or more cycle range.  This can be extended by careful charging and discharging always keeping the battery in the 90% charge to 30 % max discharge, often doubling cycle life.

Sealed Lead Acid Replacement:

LiFe can replace older Sealed Lead Acid batteries, often called AGM or SLA.  While the LiFe appear more expensive when compared one on one, the longer life, lighter weight and ability to discharge to a lower charge and a steady output voltage and other characteristics, makes them an ideal replacement for Lead based batteries.  Some versions can be a direct replacement for SLA, even able to use the same charger.

Protection & Management Circuits  

Battery power-cells often require Protection Circuit Modules and / or Battery Control Management Systems (BCMS).  These features enable safer operation and stand-alone control or communication buses with connected computer systems.  Many of our custom / OEM power cells are packaged with these  embedded circuits to protect and extend the life of our battery products.

Why VPW?

VPW has a successful 16-year history sourcing, designing and manufacturing rechargeable batteries for a wide variety of commercial customers and market segments. As a leading supplier of the Venom brand of hobby and UAS high performance batteries, we are uniquely qualified to serve the OEM and UAV Industry.

VPW has built an international and robust infrastructure allowing for quick development of battery and charging solutions of any size, scope, and chemistry. With employees located in both the US and China we work virtually 24/7 to speed products to market.


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