Battery Protection Circuitry

Battery protection circuits and complete battery management systems

BMS Protection Batteries

VPW provides both PCM (Protection Control Modules) and BMS (Battery Management Systems) for a wide variety of batteries and chemistries. Using these control systems greatly improves both safety and performance of any battery system.

Many rechargeable batteries have very high energy density and very specific charging and discharging requirements. Abusing these batteries can lead to battery damage and in severe cases battery rupture and fire. To help assure that the battery stays safe and still provides peak performance, battery protection circuits are often included within the battery pack or wired in line with the device being powered.

BMS Protection BatteriesPCM circuits are designed to provide basic protections such as overcharge, over discharge and short circuit protection. These are fairly simple circuits offering a limited degree of control and safety.

When a higher degree of control is required a BMS system is utilized and can perform a much broader range of controls including short circuit protection, cell balancing,
individual cell monitoring for internal resistance, temperature and more.

BMS modules are available as stand-alone circuits or as Smart BMS for communicating with your computer, charging system or flight controller. Many communication methods are available including I2C, SMB, USB, RS232, and more.

BMS Protection BatteriesSince battery protection requirements vary widely, Venom works closely with you to make sure the BMS or PCM is properly specified and implemented for your project. Our Program Managers work closely with you to meet your specific requirements.

Why VPW?

VPW has a successful 16-year history sourcing, designing and manufacturing rechargeable batteries for a wide variety of commercial customers and market segments. As a leading supplier of the Venom brand of hobby and UAS high performance batteries, we are uniquely qualified to serve the OEM and UAV Industry.

VPW has built an international and robust infrastructure allowing for quick development of battery and charging solutions of any size, scope, and chemistry. With employees located in both the US and China we work virtually 24/7 to speed products to market.


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